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UNIVERSITY and INDUSTRY JOINT WORK PRODUCT, %100 Environmentally friendly and fully efficient against Dust Explosions PME500Ecologica powder sugar mill by ENESEN

Main policy of our company is to harmonize environmental standards both during the production of all process machines we manufacture as well as to protect the environmental standard values at the area they are located. In this context, with cooperation of university and our company we developed, PME500 Ecologica powder sugar mill which is 100 % environmental friendly and fully efficient against dust explosions.

PME500 Ecologica powder sugar mill being as a university and our company’s cooperation R&D product, differentiates from others by grinding 500 kg crystal sugar with its special designed milling head, down to 20-25 microns with zero emission of dust. Therefore it has a configuration with maximum productivity among similar items. Operating principle of this powder sugar mill created by special design of our R&D division is as follows.

The process starts by loading pre-loading chamber with crystal sugar. After this product is being transferred to the special designed high speed milling head where it is getting milled until 20-25 microns.

Milled product falls to the storage section of the mill. There are two options to transfer ready product. Either by automatically capacitive sensor or manually by transfer button. Thanks to the automatically operating jet-pulse system product obtaining process occurs with zero dust emission.    


Jet-pulse system is one of the most important structures of PME500 Ecologica powder sugar mill which is preventing environmental pollution. This system enables segregation of the air which enters inside of the mill during milling process and powder allowing their discharge from separate sections. Cartridge filters located inside the Jet-pulse system periodically (10-20 seconds) cleans with pressurized pulses. Thanks to this, while the mill is in operation, product may be obtained simultaneously without dust generation; further constant cleaning of filters prevents warm air circulation in the machine which may result in heating of the mill. These entire R&D works able PME500 Ecologica powder sugar mill to work with continues high performance without creating any problems.


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